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Negotiation & Persuasion

Offering a proven framework for the development of negotiation & persuasion skills.

Negotiation is a core competence and is a life skill. Our aim is to improve the skill sets, behaviour and psychology of individuals along with increased confidence to underpin negotiation success.

Every day we are faced with opportunities to negotiate & influence - we will help to develop soft skills and then show how to use them to maximum advantage, personally and professionally, bringing success and lasting improvement.

Successful negotiation requires a complement of behavioural, selling and influencing skills – understanding the other party and recognising and using negotiation strategies and tactics. Every negotiation is different and yet each negotiation presents opportunities.

The skilled negotiator will recognise these opportunities and to have the ability to use a range of techniques, tactics and behaviours to achieve the desired objective.

Delegates will:

We also regularly use the powerful impact of video role play & feedback – encouraging delegates to practise learned skills in a ‘risk free’ environment. This has been shown to be an impactful way to embed the learning.

Each training session will include the key competencies underpinning negotiation: